She doesn’t want me

I’m here to express how i’m feeling right now. Life is extremely unhappy for me and I feel immense rejection from people that I thought cared for me. We can’t force people to support us when we are rock bottom. I’ve “reached out” for a long time and have had nothing back. This hurts but what can I do?  My actions have been wrong over the last couple of days but I recognise this not as a weakness, just that i’m hurting and in a vulnerable position. I’m not afraid to admit that i am seeking attention because my self esteem and confidence is so low. The person I want this attention from is my loved one but she’s had enough and doesn’t want me.

Anglesey Half Marathon

So, on the weekend I ran the Anglesey Half Marathon. I entered it just after Christmas on a bit of a wim wanting something to focus and aim for. Unfortunately I didn’t put much training in to gain a decent time but I achieved the outcome of the half marathon. This is a big lesson for me. Acknowledging the achievment rather than focusing on how i should have done better. The point is that I had the motivation to enter it in the first place and actually do it. 

The route started on the Menia Bridge and took us on undulating roads through to the village of Beumaris. We ran through the village and past the impressive Beumaris Castle. Then we took on a few hills before taking us back along the coastline with the wind against us. It was demanding, exhasuting, as well as physically and mentally challenging. 

To sum it up. A beautiful part of the world where I wish to return to, maybe not taking on a half marathon! 

Anglesey Half Marathon

So, i’m running the 4th Anglesey Half Marathon on Sunday 1st March, St David’s day. Mixed feelings about it being my 2nd half marathon event. My training hasn’t been regimented and i’ve run when i’ve felt the will. Not how the scientific runner would advise but it’s how i tick. I realise injury prevention and personal bests come into play but i’m feeling ok. I ran Barcelona Marathon almost 2 years ago and pushed through in 4 hours 6 mins. Not elite running but a marathon nonetheless! I’m hoping to run this half in under 1 hour 55 if possible. The scenery is supposed to be beautiful in Anglesey so i’m looking forward to soaking it in.

Weston-Super-Mare Golf Friday 20th February

So after an enjoyable days golf at Kingsdown Golf Club on Tuesday I decided to expand my repertoire of golf courses to the North Somerset Coastline at Weston-Super-Mare.

I had no pre conceptions of the club other than being a course that I wanted to tick off my checklist. It’s a bit of a distance from home being over a 50 mile round trip but proved to be well worth the effort. I arrived to a warm welcome in the professional’s shop and was assured I could obtain a tee time that afternoon. The winter green fee was £30.00 (same as Kingsdown) which again was more than enough in my opinion but a fair reflection of both the quality and reputation of the club.

I entered the old fashioned Club House which I believe dated back to the late 1800s. The decor of the clubhouse was marked in history with honour boards and evidence of professional players that had played the course. The ambience of the clubhouse felt a little dated, like stepping back in time, but I felt an overwhelming sense of history and identity to this club.

I decided to have a little warm and practiced on the putting green overlooking the clubhouse. I was pleased to meet and chat to the current club champion. His name was Sam and we had a really good chat about the club and why I decided to come and play at WSM. I was humbled by his modesty of his ability for the game being a scratch golfer. To non golfers reading this: A Scratch golfer is someone who plays against a course but recieves no shots. A handicap golfer is aided by subtracting a number of shots depending on ability against the course. I asked him if I could join him for a game but he was waiting for a friend. He was kind enough to welcome me back for a game another time if I decide to return.

Onwards I went ready to take on the challenge of WSM Golf course. It is a traditional links course (meaning a seaside course) where wind prevails and is a determining factor. I was watched teeing off the 1st by members so a nervey tee shot to start. Off my 3 went roughly 200 yards. Phew! The first 4 holes in my view weren’t that interesting but walking onto the 5th tee looking over at Brean Down is a beautiful vista and a intimidating tee shot equally.

I enjoyed the challenge of the course where it is needed to ‘plot’ your ball round. That’s what I love about links golf. You are required to play an array of golf shots because of the conditions. It is unique, individual in the test that it offers. For that reason I will be returning to Weston-Super-Mare Golf Club.

KIngsdown Golf Course review

On a sunny February Tuesday morning I decided to take myself off to Kingsdown Golf Club to try out the course. I came across it driving past a year ago or so and said to myself that I had to play it at some point. The car park was very busy which is always a good sign for a decent golf club/course.

The welcome was excellent from the pro shop to the clubhouse. In all honesty I was sceptical at first as it came across as an old fashioned ‘members club’ however, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome and lack of snobbery! The Bar Manager was extremely friendly and chatted to me about the course and also courses he reccomended to me. The Clubhouse is very spacious and you’ve got a fantastic view of the 1st tee and 7th fairway.

The cost of the green fee was £30.00 for the day after 1pm which I thought was more than enough for a winter fee but I wasn’t dissapointed considering the quality of the course. I approached a member to ask if he was going out to play who turned out to be the Treasurer of the club. He played the first nine holes with me and pointed me in the right direction. He was very knowledgeable about the history of the Club which was most interesting. Over half of the course is built in an old Quarry which makes the course very quirky with humps and bumps on the fairways. The course was established in 1880 making it the 2nd oldest course in the south west of England.

Overall it was a most enjoyable day of golf for me and I will be back again.